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Inspired by a classic variation of strategy game warship or sea battle, Battle Planes took that formula to the skies with 16 uniquely designed battle planes. The game features a strong AI, bluetooth or gamecenter multiplayer, single board multiplayer and the classic sea battle game is also included. Battle Planes is a fun and brain stimulating game to be enjoyed with friends and family.

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Mars Lander

Mars Lander is a fun iOS arcade game featuring 100 levels, a Map Editor and simple controls.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

There are all kinds of unconventional sports competition in the world, we picked this one because we love hot dogs. This game is inspired by the similar competition held annually in New York. The game features simple control, leveling up and compete with computer or your friends.

Panda Playland

Panda Playland is a collection of 6 mini games designed for kids of ages 2-4. The mini games are designed to improve children's shape recognition , color painting, creativity, language and memory skills. The art assets were originally designed for another game. Due to poor game design we cancelled that project and instead we found out the arts are perfect for a kids game.